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Big Al’s Mai Tai Flower

Great weed. Worth the high price. Something something about reinvigorating my interest in five star grass.
BrandBig Al's
StrainMai Tai
Price Point$70 / 3.5g ($20 / gram)
Listed THC24.68%
Purchased12/28/19 from Magnolia

This was a dynamite first foray into top shelf bud. I mean – I have bought and smoked plenty previous to this, but it was nice to have it happen again. Did that make sense? This is goooood grass.

In that I am a fairly regular smoker, I do not usually buy from the top tier of buds. I prefer to navigate the treacherous space of mid grade and bargain level buds in an effort to respect a budget and also because I have some skepticism about those buds I have tried in the past and whether they are relatively worth it. A lot of that is actually what got me in mind to start writing this shit down to see if I could learn anything from it all. Otherwise as we all have experienced – that temporary bud-infused wisdom is forgotten in the cold sobreity of the next morning.

This bud tasted awesome, looked amazing, and sent me into a total space after one bong hit. Me and the GF both agree it is the best bud we have looked at and smoked in quite some time. If it’s still around I highly recommend grabbing some.

Strength : 9/10

I feel like if potency was ever at a 10 I would forget to write a review. This was about as strong as grass gets but I am keeping the 10 in reserve for some sort of future white whale.

Taste : 10/10

Fruity and pungent. A lot of different smells coming up when we ground this up – all of them pleasant.

Appearance : 10/10

This bud looked like it was from outer space. But in a well groomed way. Like that hairy monster that used to run around with Marvin the Martian.

Overall Score : 29/30

Big Al’s gets this tremendously high score by being the best grass I have smoked in a long time. I hope I get to give other reviews that are this good in future. It’s been a real pleasure to smoke.

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