Product Review : Flower / Bud

Genius THC’s Banana Fig

This bud was old and the packaging was silly.
BrandGenius THC
StrainBanana Fig
Price Point$62 / 3.5g ($17.71 / gram)
Listed THC19.3%
Purchased12/31/19 from Magnolia

Generally speaking I have not seen a lot of brands consistently appear in stores or particularly denote quality. I’ve had a couple of experiences with Genius THC in the past where their products appeared to be overpackaged and very target-market looking. This third was no exception. There is a lot of bluster on the box¬† about how Genius is a really smart choice for you. The tag line is “strains for brains”.

Really? What group of ad wizards was sitting around a white board when this got green lit? I assume that this was developed in a conversation along these lines:

“What are people afraid of when entering the cannabis market?”

“That it will make them stupid?”

“Great! How can we address that?”

“Say that it will make them smart?”

“Perfect! Send it to press!”

This is my message to the marketers of cannabis: you can do better.

That being said – a lot of the reason I had a negative experience with this bud was that it was more than half a year on the shelf before I bought it. And that is not the fault of the marketing company or even the manufacturer. As I mentioned below- I learned a lesson here to always check the package date. I will do my best to revisit this brand with an open mind and a fresher sample in the near future.

Strength : 6/10

I mean looking at the THC percentage this bud is not trying to be strong. I’m honestly not sure what it’s trying to be.

Taste : 5/10

This was just old bud. Today I learned a lesson about checking the purchase date. Hints of decay on what may have been some okay tasting bud when it was fresher.

Appearance : 7/10

For all that it was old and dry, these appeared to have been high quality buds. They were less crystally than I expected, and that was not due to age; if it had been the crystals would have been at the bottom of the jar or stuck to it, and they weren’t.

Overall Score : 18/30

Kind of old. Sort of weak. This bud deserves its fairly low score especially against its high price point.