Product Review : Flower / Bud

Madrone’s Watermelon Rancher

Big bad bang for the buck. A really nice fruity bud with a fresh stanky aroma.
StrainWatermelon Rancher
Price Point$40 / 3.5g ($11.43 / gram)
Listed THC21.6%
Purchased12/31/19 from Magnolia

This was my first sampling from underneath the top shelf and it was very positive. We bought this grass at the same time as Big Al’s Plushers and Genius THC’s Banana Fig, so there was a direct comparison being made between these three. Big Al’s offering surely scores above these buds, but honestly this stuff beat the pants off the Banana Fig which came in 20 bucks higher on cost.

It’s not clear to me how much brand matters in these things. We had another offering from Madrone at the sixty dollar price point, The Viper. Honestly I think you could have reversed the prices and I would have had no problem with it. For all the The Viper was prettier to look at, this Rancher bud was definitely a much better smoke. So if a manufacturer appears to be pricing its bud with a heavy weight on appearance I think this may be a real fallacy in the modern market. Makes me wonder if people are actually smoking bud before they package and sell it and figuring that into their equation or if we are all of a sudden obsessed purely with the cosmetic value of buds. And the more I evaluate the cosmetic aspect of each offering I review the more I feel that this may not be a real consumer concern.

So that’s where this put my head at – mid shelf bud may be getting overlooked. I plan to do more investigation on this as soon as I can finish all the bud I’ve already got laying around. A nice problem to have.

Strength : 7/10

More potent than expected from a mid shelf bud. These little buds pack a punch.

Taste : 8/10

Really nice smooth smoke on these. Hints of fruitiness.

Appearance : 6/10

A little messy on the trim and not super crystally buds. My arbitrary guess is that the appearance of these buds is what knocks the price down to the second tier. Also this bud smells Dynamite – very skunky with a little funk on the end.

Overall Score : 21/30

To me this is exactly the quality and price point I want for daily smoking. Really lovely bud whose overall score is maybe hitting a little low for the experience which was very positive. I imagine the freshness of the bud – being only 6 weeks old at time of purchase – made a huge difference.