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Smoking Joints

Dec 27, 2019

I have and do consume grass in a lot of different ways, but my favorite has always been the joint. Not only is it iconic – it’s simple and no fuss. It can be traded and sold and it works on its own with no wick, torch, tube, or slide. All you need is a match.

I like to roll joints a little big and thick so they last a long time. It is so nice to roll a joint and sip off it for several hours while you go about your day. I generally use Raw King Size Organic Hemp papers. I would like to tell you that I have tried lots of papers and found these to be the best, but the honest reason is that its pretty cheap to order a large box from Amazon. Any large-ish paper works.

As I was taught, the game in joint rolling is to minimize your paper usage while maintaining a firm even-burning structure. Because of this I do not like wide papers. Though they are easier to work with they end up really affecting the taste, and often a small fold or crease as you roll with the extra wide will cause the dreaded Canoe.

I have looked through a lot of joint rolling videos and guides on the web. I tried kind of outlining how I roll in the photos and gifs up above, and I now realize how difficult it is to document. So much learning. I will definitely be revisiting the how-to component of this later on when I’m a little better with stop motion and filming video at short range.