About the Project

I really like to smoke weed. And grass. And flower. And all the things we call this thing.

I like how various and interesting being a weed consumer has become. So many weird and interesting things to try. It’s fun!

What has landed less for me is the marketing. I think it’s weird how weed is priced and sold, and in order to try and demystify that for myself, I set about this little project as a way of tracking my experience as I experiment with flower from all ends of the spectrum, price and quality-wise.

I’m tracking a small number of data points about each thing I buy:

  • When it was packaged
  • How much THC, CBD, and terpenes are in it (when this info is available),
  • How much it costs

I’m also taking photos, which are improving over time.

I’m Just Some Guy

I am not any kind of expert in any part of the cannabis industry. I have helped on some amateur grows, know a few cultivators and budtenders, and that’s about it. What I mostly have is 32 years of experience smoking pot and an ability to make myself a website when I feel like it. If you are looking for expert information, you should look elsewhere.


With flower (grass, weed) I am judging:

  • Strength
  • Taste
  • Appearance

I worked these out by thinking about what I felt I could accurately judge and communicate about what I am smoking.

I assign each a value between 1 and 10, which combine to form an overall score out of 30.

I’m also including the THC percentage, price per gram, and age of the bud.

Back to my work…