Product Review : Flower / Bud

Alpenglow Farms Voltron

Much like the robot warrior made of five robot tigers, this bud was very strong and made me feel confused and happy.
BrandAlpenglow Farms
Price Point$10 / g ($10 / gram)
Listed THC24.61%
Purchased04/20/20 from Solful

This is the first review I’ve written since we all went indoors. Though lots has changed about the world, that’s probably for someone else to write about in another blog. I just figured I would mention it to place this review in time.

The price is sort of “guesstimated”. This was part of a flight of bud presented by Solful for 4/20 this year, and came to me by way of my young lady friend.

Unlike a lot of the bud here, I was able to find a little description from the website:

Get to Know Voltron

  • This is very special strain grown by Alpenglow Farm was bred by the famous Biovortex.
  • Alpenglow harnessed Biovortex’s incredible genetics by growing this plant to its peak potential in fertile, regenerative, native soil.


  • Voltron is a very crisp, uplifting, and enjoyable high, perfect for day time!
  • If you’re looking to focus, Voltron helps put you in the zone.


I’m not sure that any weed this strong helps me focus, per se. But it was an “up” high.

If you told me this was the only bud I could have for the rest of my life I’d be perfectly happy. This stuff is right in my sweet spot for when I want to do stuff; bright green and easy to smoke. Also lots of potency so it doesn’t take up a ton of time. I wasn’t blown away by any specific aspect, but it was a real treat next to the economy and home grown buds I have been getting by on recently.

It’s allergy season, so it is harder for me to judge aromas but this had a nice spicy tone to it, and a very rich smooth smoke. Like a lot of bud, it had a hint of church incense in its taste.

Remember those ads for Carleton Cigarettes – where apparently they add the word “please” to the slogan “Try Carleton” and sales like tripled? I wonder if that was true, but not quite enough to look it up. I think I thought of that because Carleton’s also always tasted a little incense-y. Also I always like that story even if it isn’t true. It’s nice to think we care.

This was super grass, and it was a super gift from a super girl on the weirdest 4/20 I can remember having.

Strength : 8/10

For me this took a second to hit then it was a nice hard pick me up.

Taste : 7/10

As mentioned in the long review it’s allergy season, so smell and taste are harder for me to come by. That being said, this had an incense-ish quality.

Appearance : 10/10

See the photos. This bud looked absolutely perfect. Really can’t find a spot on it in this respect.

Overall Score : 25/30

My strongest feeling about this bud is that I wish I had a lot more of it, so that has to be a good thing. I only had an 1/8th and I feel like it is gone too quickly. Really terrific greens, a perfect appearance, and a really nice smoke. I continue to like the way that Solful features their farms in their packaging and in general seems to deliver on a number of vectors. If I had a location closer to me I would definitely become a regular customer.