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Super Silver Haze by Pure Beauty

Good grass. Pretty indica looking for a sativa. Not my favorite strain from this brand but still pretty worthy.
BrandPure Beauty
StrainSuper Silver Haze
Price Point$55 / 3.5g ($15.71 / gram)
Listed THC29.65%
Purchased06/10/22 from Harborside

This was a pretty indica looking and acting sativa. The bud is a little dry – maybe slightly over-cured – and as such doesn’t have a terribly potent taste. Totally good grass but you wouldn’t go running back for more. In general I like this brand but this was not like a spectacular specimen from them. To be fair – I have never loved strains with haze in the name. Kind of like with things named “cough”.

Ground up, this has a real cheesy funk smell. Still better than most bud for sure and smokes pretty smooth.

It’s been a really long time since I added any content here. I have not been busy – just uninspired and also in the midst of a job switch. I have no plans to start being more consistent with making entries but maybe that will start happening.

I’m trying to incorporate motion graphics – either gifs, video, or both into my product pics, but I am not yet happy with the results. Everything is still coming out less cool than what I pictured when planning it out. So hopefully that process will improve and I can actually include stuff in future once I like it enough.

Strength : 7/10

They’re not fudging the THC percentage numbers. There isn’t really a lot of complexity to the high. It’s like hitting yourself in the face with a kickball; you know what it feels like beforehand. That wasn’t the worst metaphor ever but it may be in contention. Like – what the fuck am I talking about? How often does anyone get a kickball to the facer? And under what circumstances would you want that to happen. I’ve given myself a lot to think about here.

Taste : 6/10

I may be scoring this deliberately low because it tastes like nothing. But that may be better than it tasting like, for instance, ass. Still – it is nothing to write home about. Nobody is going to swirl this taste around in their mouth and think of exotic spices and faraway lands. It’s more just like a vague weed taste.

Appearance : 8/10

This gets a little bit of a ding for being a bit crumbly and dry. It’s not terrible but it’s not like super dank either – just a teensy bit over-cured, I think. Trimmed very nicely – you can see that from the pics. No shake or any nonsense in the jar. So it comes out, like in pretty much every category pretty average on quality and appearance.

Overall Score : 21/30

Pretty decent bud. Would fuck again but maybe not at this price point.

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