Product Review : Flower / Bud

Styrofoam Cup by Team Elite Genetics

Styrofoam Cup by Team Elite Genetics is like the stupidest combination of names but this is some great dope. Strong as a whale's tail.
BrandTeam Elite Genetics
StrainStyrofoam Cup
Price Point$65 / 3.5g ($18.57 / gram)
Listed THC31.24%
Purchased07/01/22 from Harborside

I’ve been sniffing at and trying to taste this weed for several hits now. Either I have Covid or this is the most neutral bud that ever was. It’s super smooth but it does kind of hit like a manila envelope; no flavor.

My roommate assures me it smells like weed. So I’m probably just having a stroke.

Do not let the argument over whether this Styrofoam Cup has a taste let me distract you for telling me that this weed is super strong. Somewhere in that last sentence I made wrong word choices. But point being – this is lovely, strong, walloping weed.

Styrofoam, by the way, is a trademarked product of the Dow Chemical Company. And its name is a portmanteau of polystyrene and foam. If you were curious like I just was.

Several thumbs up for this offering overall. The one detriment that is worth pointing at is that the buds were not that big – if you care about that kind of thing at all which I do not. But yeah the second strain from these guys who, despite having an incredibly stupid name, seem to grow great weed.

Strength : 9/10

This is a nice, strong, sit-down-and-shut-up kind of baked. I do not want to volunteer for anything right now. I’m not sure if I would even get you a glass of water. I mean I might. I’m not some asshole. But I am super comfy in this here chair.

Taste : 7/10

I mean I’m not even sure if the low score is fair but I really couldn’t taste this bud. It is like chaotic neutral. It was not harsh. It was in no way unpleasant. I am going to smoke more of it. But it’s kind of like eating popcorn – like – if you had to give popcorn a taste score – wouldn’t it be like a 7 out of 10? Be honest. And I’m not talking about Smartfood. I’m talking about just plain popcorn. With maybe like a teeny bit of salt.

Appearance : 8/10

I mean the buds are fluffy and it’s super fresh and furry. They’re getting a ding for being small. But then again – is that really fair? I feel like this bud is going to score lower than it should because of the way I split the criteria. So like unfair but maybe it’s an anomaly.

Fun side note – inspired by my earlier investigation into Styrofoam, I just looked up anomaly. Anomaly comes from greek roots “an-” meaning “not” and “homalos” which means “even” (think of homogeneous), So anomaly means “not even”.

Overall Score : 24/30

This bud is scoring lower than it should. I really enjoyed smoking it and I feel bad. But I mean – what are you going to do? The die is cast. The cookies are eaten. The pie is cut. The cereal is soggy. It’s all over. Let’s just pack it up and go home.