Product Review : Flower / Bud

Watermelon Kush Breath by Urbn Leaf

Sure it's a little old and a little musty, but this weed is reasonably priced and does the trick in terms of potency and high.
BrandUrbn Leaf
StrainWatermelon Kush Breath
Price Point$40/3.5g ($11.43 / gram)
Listed THC27.26%
Purchased01/29/23 from Harborside

Well it was about time to have a look at some mids and see what’s what. This is a forty dollar eighth – which is middle shelf at this dispensary. You can choose to be offended about that or not – I don’t want to get into pricing. Too complicated. But point is – we are in the median zone where anything can happen. I might find a fun surprise or a slight letdown.

In this case – it’s clear what this bud was marked down for; it’s old, a little on the weak side, and not very tasty. The high is actually quite nice; mellow with just a bit of heavy eyelid. But yeah – the condition of the buds, flavor, and smoke-ability are not top notch. The bud is crispier than I’d like, and grinding it up produces a musty smell. There are hints of incense but mostly it smells like dirt. Nice dirt, but dirt.

At this price point, this is a buy but not a strong buy, to use the language of that dude that was on Arrested Development and also the news. I’m definitely going to smoke it all, but I can’t say it is competitive against the strains on the shelf above it.

I’m going to keep hacking at the middle shelf now and will try and find something a little more interesting next time. This was just kind of California mids – which does in fairness mean that it would be top shelf in most other states.

Strength : 6/10

I mean this isn’t going to knock anyone’s socks off, but who wears socks?

Taste : 6/10

I’m being nice with a 6, honestly. This bud tasted like dry mulch.

Appearance : 7/10

Despite the age – these buds were pretty well preserved and were attractive. They are a bit dry, but there was no shake in the package and all the buds were good sized and well trimmed. I bet in its first few months after curing this was actually pretty decent grass.

Overall Score : 19/30

A brief but poignant trip to the middle. This bud is like a 3 day weekend in Delaware. Afterwards you’ll be like “that happened!”