Product Review : Flower / Bud

Mountain Sage by Cannabiotix

This is some jumpy fuckin' grass. I like it and I wanna dance a little.
StrainMountain Sage
Price Point$55 / 3.5g ($15.8 / gram)
Listed THC35.15%
Purchased02/09/23 from Harborside

I’m having an uncertain reaction with this bud. I think it’s pretty potent, but it’s the quandary of the sativa; when I have energy and my synapses fire – what metric do I judge “how high am I?” by?

You have to acknowledge with weed and any drug that your experience has a LOT to do with your current circumstance. Like – yes these buds have different innate properties, but they can be obfuscated or enhanced by the consumer’s individual state of mind, situation – even what they ate that day. So when I see the adjectives “euphoric”, “energizing”, and “soothing” on the side of this jar, I am kind of nonplussed. Like – do they really expect that users will consistently feel those ways? I dunno. It just seems like a misleading way to sell drugs.

On the other hand, I do feel a little energized., I generally attribute this to the fact that I just go off work which makes me either super antsy or super wiped out. Because it is Friday, I am the former not the latter. So I felt a little jazzed before I even smoked.

The bud’s been kicking in as I muse these amusements, and as it does I can assert that the potency is right on point. If I didn’t go back and make edits, the number of misspells is evidently growing by each sentence. So that’s a pretty good indicator that my brain is less under my control than I surmise.

Yeah this is a fun, bouncy high. Maybe they’re right to put it o the jar and I’m just being a luddite. But yeah – this is not a must buy but defionitely a buy. Lovers of sativa leaning strains will find it meets those needs. And you’ll feel it in your knees.

Strength : 8/10

Not the most mind-alteringly disorienting bud ever, but what this bud has is a strong whirring buzz. This is not bud you sit down and watch a movie with necessarily. It would go well with ping pong. Or sex.

Taste : 8/10

Decidedly has that Mr. Clean smell. A little lemon mixed with diesel is how my brain explains that smell to myself, if that helps yours to understand.

Appearance : 8/10

Definitely some very healthy looking buds. They have a nice soft feel and grind up very nicely. Quite a few buds were on the smaller side but nothing crazy.

Overall Score : 24/30

Mountain Sage, a truly generically named bud, was fun to smoke. It got me wired up and ready for the weekend. I would definitely give this a recommendation, but in all honesty it was not unique enough for me to want to buy it again.