Product Review : Flower / Bud

Garlic Blossom by A Golden State

Really nice high, but the buds were slightly dry and crumbly.
BrandA Golden State
StrainGarlic Blossom
Price Point$65 / 3.5g ($18.57 / gram)
Listed THC32.31%
Purchased03/19/23 from Harborside

This is one of those strains that makes your cheeks feel puffy. I think Chipmunk is a better name than Garlic Blossom. Certainly the potency is about where it should be. I am feeling more relaxed than I figured I would based on the color and disposition of the buds. A lot of that may just be due t the fact that I was stressed as fuck today, so any weed was going to start unraveling my back knots.

It’s not my favorite bud texturally. It’s a little crumbly and over-dry. When ground up, the buds turn to powder and that can be tricky to work woith, and definitely smokes a little harsher than other recent top shelf offerings.

I really like this bud, but I think today it’s because I really needed the relief more than anything romthis particular strain. And hey – that’s part of this. I started out writing reviews for bud to distinguish between myth and reality in terms of what I was seeing in the marketing. And part of what is true about weed is that almost all weed is pretty great if what you really need right then is to get high. That’s not the most profound thought I have ever put on paper, but it happened.

Strength : 8/10

This is a nice, mellow high. It’s not overwhelming and it doesn’t make you have to sit down, but I am not motivated to go hiking.

To be fair, I am rarely motivated to go hiking so that may not be a note about this weed and may more be a note on my thoughts around going for a walk in the woods with a backpack. I love the woods. I just don’t like wearing a backpack.

I have an enormous respect for people who do the Appalachian Trail or the PCT, but for myself I like sleeping in beds with memory foam pillows and air conditioning. I can be rugged, just not at night. My Juicy Fruit Commercial ends around sundown.

Taste : 7/10

There’s a bit of an earthy scent and it’s not like amazing. There is nothing noxious about the taste but it’s not super pleasant either. This feels in general like bud that was made for the top shelf but maybe someone missed a step or went too long inside of the curing process. The condition of the buds is just not quite right and this affects all aspects of it.

Appearance : 7/10

This is a very skin deep kind of beauty; if you look at the pictures it looks like fuckin’ fire. What you can’t tell from pictures is that those hairs fall apart under stress and the bud is overdry and powdery. As a result, it smoke a bit harsh and is not nearly as nice as it looks at first glance.

Overall Score : 22/30

This bud was fine, but definitely my least favorite offering from A Golden State. I would be interested to try the strain again from another grower or even a different season from these guys, as I suspect it’s actually an indica leaning strain I would like if it was done really well.