Product Review : Flower / Bud

Original Gangsta by Team Elite Genetics

This bud is for the Gz and the Hustlaz, apparently. Really good weed with a silly name.
BrandTeam Elite Genetics
StrainOriginal Gangsta
Price Point$60 / 3.5g ($17.14 / gram)
Listed THC31.8%
Purchased03/24/23 from Harborside

For a movie about crack cocaine, New Jack City sure does seem to inspire the names of a lot of weed strains. I blame Mario van Peebles.

There’s all kinds of reasons to like this weed. It’s a nice, bright, happy high with a bit of a downward pull. Like – you will be elated but also you will be stationary. I was going to go for a walk, and I might still, but this grass isn’t helping me get there.

It’s got a deep, diesel and pine smell and hits quite smoothly.

There are some aesthetic issues with the buds that are completely unimportant except for photo purposes. So no points off for thaqt. Yes – the buds are a little small, but whatever – they’re fucking great fresh, properly cared for weed. So no issues there.

Strength : 8/10

The potency is there, for sure. With two hits this bud struck me quite well. It’s not a powerhouse but it’s quite nice and a little will go a good way. I think it’s a very median high in terms of indica vs sativa; I am mentally alert but physically sluggish. So if I was going to go watch a movie, I would be set right. If I was going to go play tetherball, I might struggle. Fortunately I have no specific plans to play tetherball in the next several hours. That could change, but I’m cool for now.

Taste : 8/10

Super lovely smell from this bud after grinding it; a very pleasant diesel-hinting pine smell with a little bit of lemon as well. It’s got the smell of a sativa but the blurg of an indica.

Appearance : 7/10

As I stated in the main blurb – this weed suffers from a totally unimportant aesthetic issue; these look like weak little buds bt they are in fact fluffy and well done – they just are a little small. I do not find it interfering in any way with my enjoyment of the bud but it did lose some points on it.

Overall Score : 23/30

This one’s for the Hustlaz now back to the Gz. I am glad that 1990’s rap and cinema are playing a role in naming modern buds. I assume it is because all the growers and breeders are approximate to me in age. It will be weird when they make Rugrats weed. I won’t know the first thing about it. Actually the odds that that has not already happened are infinitesimal.

I guess I have spent a lot of time reviewing all the offerings from Team Elite Genetics, but I gotta say – these are still one of the few brands that are almost universally good. And at some point I am a consumer of weed as much as a reviewer and I like to stick to brands I get fond of. It’ll be interesting to see if brands every evolve at a national scale for weed. It’s hard to imagine it that way but then again I have a magic rectangle in my pocket that knows where I am in relationship to Venus right now. So anything could happen.