Product Review : Flower / Bud

Lava Cake by Esensia

Tasty, lemony, stronger than it looks.
StrainLava Cake
Price Point$15/g ($15 / gram)
Listed THC22.12%
Purchased06/06/20 from Solful

This was a really nice, comforting bud. It smelled great and got me nice and baked.

I’m trying to write this while I am staring at a delicious piece of chicken I just made for myself. It smells awesome also.

This feels a little stronger than the relatively average THC content would indicate. One and a half bong hits put me silly for like twenty minutes or so.

This is the first of a bunch of reviews in the next day or two. My income has recently improved so I went a little shithouse at the dispensary to celebrate.

Due to the rioting, my regular spot – Harborside – is not doing curbside and I am really not comfortable going indoors. So this whole little shopping trip is an order I made at Solful in Sebastopol. This was one of the smaller strains that looked interesting there and I’m glad I grabbed a little taste of it.

Strength : 8/10

I was surprised at how high this got me considering the stats. I think the fact that I smoked later in the day and had been out for a few hours maybe had something to do with that. But in any case – this was awesomely fun to smoke. I did find it crept up a little bit which I think may be a trend I am seeing in bud that is a few months past fresh.

Taste : 7/10

No real big notes on the taste. It wasn’t unpleasant or harsh. The lemony smell did not translate into a citrus-y hit as it sometimes can.

Appearance : 7/10

To be fair – I bought a gram so you’re just not going to get the craziest biggest buds. They do look nicely trimmed but definitely on the small side.

Overall Score : 22/30

Surprisingly good pot. I expected to be a little underwhelmed fro some reason, but instead I have been whelmed.