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Buddha’s Hand by Esensia

Like the golden hand of the Buddha, this bud will slap you into Satori.
StrainBuddha's Hand
Price Point$45/3.5 ($12.86 / gram)
Listed THC24.94%
Purchased06/06/20 from Solful

I feel like this bud is really interfering with my cognitive processing. Could be that it’s a bit of a wake and bake – I’ve only been up for a couple of hours. But the initial hit just produced fog and confusion. This bud smokes a bit harsh. I am wondering if it is slightly overcured or if that is an aspect of the strain.

Despite the slight coughing on the intake, I am BLITZED. Like – if I smoked a little more of this I might be slightly uncomfortable for a few minutes.

This bud tasted good until it got too thick and coughy. A little on the citrus rather than the incense side. Feels very purply after smoking, though.

My forehead feels longer than it did before. Not sure if that’s the grass or if I have that Eric Stoltz in MASK disease. Probably the weed though.

Strength : 9/10

This is some of the strongest bud I’ve smoked since starting this blog up. Competitive with UpNorth’s Durban Poison and the Big Al’s Mai Tai as well. But not nearly as pleasant to smoke as either of those.

Taste : 7/10

The taste of this bud is lemon then cough. As I said elsewhere I think it may be overcured, though I am not expert enough in the growing process to be sure of that. But this bud is getting points taken off for being a bit too harsh to smoke comfortably. Ground up it does have a nice light skunk aroma.

Appearance : 7/10

Buds are on the smallish side and the trim is fine but not crazy. It’s pretty but it is not top shelf.

Overall Score : 23/30

This bud is going to score lower than I would prioritize it in a real buying decision. For me all I ultimately care about is strength, and this stuff has that above all else. In some ways this is kind of what is weird about the market; for those of us that smoke regularly or like to get real baked when we smoke – potency is the ultimate decider and it’s not even listed on the menus of many dispensaries online. That seems nuts to me.

If I compare it to alcohol – I get why people buy expensive alcohols. They are (apparently) more complex and nuanced than regularly distilled alcohols. But we know that a cheap scotch and a thirty year old scotch both get you just as drunk.

I’m not saying the only goal of a drug experience should be to get as obliterated as possible. But with grass – the act of consumption is not nearly as lingering or as much a part of the overall experience as with booze. Like – I took a bong hit more than half an hour ago. It lasted 10 seconds. The experience is the afterwards part. Very different from sipping from a snifter over the course of 45 minutes or however long that crap takes.

I’ll be interested to see how the fancy and un-fancy versions of weed shake out as the industry matures. One thing I’m sure of is that this is not its final form.

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