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Super Silver Haze By Cannabiotix

Good bud. Maybe a bit over-inflated on its stats but really nice to smoke.
StrainSuper Silver Haze
Price Point$65 / 3.5g ($18.57 / gram)
Listed THC32.64%
Purchased02/12/21 from Harborside

Super SIlver Haze by Cannabiotix is the first bud I have reviewed in some time. There was a pandemic. I was busy.


This bud is listed as a pure sativa and has a pretty high price at 65 bucks for the 1/8th. I have to say I don’t talk about it much but the packaging on this is kind of corny. The art is weird and the colors are kind of not great. This has had no impact on the quality of the bud, which is quite good.

The aroma is sniffy and lemon-y and this does grind up and smoke like top shelf bud. I will say the strength, at 32% seems a little inflated to me. I’m sure potency varies per plant and batch and whatnot, but for the bud that usually lists above a 30 this seems a little weak in comparison. I mean it’s good, but is it that good? Not to me.

That being said, I would go back for more of this. It certainly does feel like a Sativa – like super wakeful and whatnot. And it’s super tasty and not at all harsh. Like really nice to smoke.

Strength : 8/10

Not the strongest bud I’ve ever smoked but definitely the strongest pure sativa I have had in some time.

Taste : 9/10

This is like really delicious bud. More than just the taste the total lack of cough is notable and welcome.

Appearance : 9/10

Pics kind of speak for themselves. Except for the silly looking jar this bud is totally pro top shelf grass.

Overall Score : 26/30

Like I said in the long form – I would buy this again and likely will. It is currently making my cheeks feel mooshy. But I mean that in a good way.

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