Product Review : Flower / Bud

Baklava By Alien Labs

Piney, ferocious, if slightly overpriced bud.
BrandAlien Labs
Price Point$75/3.5g ($21.43 / gram)
Listed THC25.43%
Purchased02/27/21 from Harborside

Reviewing multiple strains at once is tricky; you already have a head start from one strain when you get to the next, and as such any reports on the specific mental effects seem specious at best.

Has there ever been a book or story involving the phrase “A Specious Species”? That’s pretty good. I think. Anyways.

So I included in the photos a picture of actual Baklava. It is a Greek dessert which, like most Greek food in my opinion, is like pretty okay if you can’t find anything else. I question a cuisine so strongly based on lemon and olive. Also I hate olives. So that colors my judgment in this area significantly.

That being said, this bud is terrific. It is very piney in scent and taste. But not in an I’m-smoking-air-freshener kind of way. More like smoking sage in a peace pipe or something. Which is like maybe a clove cigarette for those that didn’t hang out with “that guy” who would always suggest we smoke sage and listen to The Doors or some shit. Anyways I hear my “that guy” is a jeweler. So good for him

Unlike the Greek dessert, this was not dry and flavorless. I also didn’t drop half of it on the floor while I was trying to smoke it. If you’ve eaten baklava I think this will resonate.

Sorry I dicked up the product info. I wipe all this stuff down with isopropyl rubbing alcohol when I unbag it. Because you know – disease and pestilence are everywhere these days.

Final note: this bud is not at all worth it’s insane price. I buy really expensive strains because I am interested in de-mystifying the top shelf. I think I could very easily put this up against a fifty dollar eighth and you would pick the other one. Point is this bud is overpriced but also great. Like about half of all things that are expensive.

Strength : 8/10

Nice and strong. No creepiness – this immediately but gently punches you in the cheeks.

Taste : 9/10

Piney with hints of lemon. It smokes a lot like it looks. In this respect it is very top shelf bud.

Appearance : 9/10

Pictures should speak for themselves. This was very beautiful bud.

Overall Score : 26/30

While it hits harder in the purse than it should, this is really terrific bud. Unlike eating the dry, flavorless Greek dessert of the same name, I was delighted after I smoked this grass. Probably because it is drugs.