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King’s Garden Platinum Blue Dream

I really like Blue Dream. This is a really unremarkable example of it.
BrandKing's Garden
StrainPlatinum Blue Dream
Price Point$50/3.5g ($14.29 / gram)
Listed THC24.9%
Purchased02/27/21 from Harborside

When I first got to California around 2011, I found the dispensary scene pretty overwhelming. It took me some time to get comfortable with all the snobbery, strains, and such. I felt sort of “uncool” on my side of the counter, trying to discern what I was buying in a consumer environment that was totally unfamiliar. I struggle to think of other times when a seller’s market so rapidly became a buyer’s market. And it was not lost on me then nor is it now that a lot of the schpiel from the budtenders was uninformed puffery designed to move whatever they had too much of in stock – just like a restaurant that pushes its specials.

So one of the tricks I developed was to find a strain and just kind of gravitate toward it whenever there was too much choice. As it happened, I picked Blue Dream because it was fairly ubiquitous, I could identify it by taste and smell to some degree, and it was usually cheap.

As I have learned since then Blue Dream is a fairly hearty strain and so it is used a lot in outdoor grows, or as an introductory strain for amateur growers. I have seen it grown and it is certainly one of the strains where you get why the plant is referred to as “weed”. It is a strong and fast growing fucker that makes big bushy plants.

All of that preamble was like a polite way of avoiding talking about how this bud is like a little overpriced and not much to write home about. It is not a particularly interesting taste – lot of soil coming through in the hit. It is, I will concede, very good looking pot, and it is not terrible. It’s just kind of okay. I may have spoiled myself with a lot of really top shelf crazy stuff in the last couple weeks.

I’m not saying I would never get this again, but I would not like knock over old ladies in line to get it.

You should never knock over old ladies.

Unless they are asking for it.

Strength : 7/10

It is what it says it is – a middle hitter from the top shelf. This is like a Brian Daubach but without the niche appeal. If you don’t understand that reference you are probably not alone.

Taste : 6/10

This bud has like kind of a musty taste and a musty aftertaste. It’s not the worst ever but I don;t love it.

Appearance : 8/10

This bud actually looks pretty hot and it doesn’t smell bad either. I feel like it is a bit of a “strobe light ho” in that respect.

Overall Score : 21/30

A primarily underwhelming experience that was not in any way negative. I would enjoy this bud again if it was offered to me, but I will not try to go find it again. A little overpriced for the taste and ultimate effect.

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