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Orange Banana by Wonderbrett

Super awesome grass. Really beautiful quality and also a wicked punch in the face. Nice box too.
StrainOrange Banana
Price Point$60/3.5g ($17.14 / gram)
Listed THC32.72%
Purchased03/06/21 from Harborside

Well this is just lovely bud. It has a very distinct smell and taste which do have a bit of a citrus flavor. This is top shelf bud and is among the most potent this reviewer has sampled. By which I mean me. I’m really baked.

This came on very fast for me and is a serious cognitive inhibitor. Like sometimes you smoke grass then you want to start a project. With this one I kind of want to hold on to the arms of my chair and wait it out. It’s not that I have no energy – it’s that I’m busy being high.

I really hope this grass is grown by a dude named Brett. The logo totally looks like Westin hotels.

I don’t like most packaging for grass, but the simplicity of the outer box on this stood out as actually kind of a nice choice. Looks very funny when put next to the Super Silver Haze from a couple of weeks ago with a super hero on it. If this bud was a super hero it would be Gleek. But yeah – the box looks awesome and it’s as lovely inside as out. I do not reject the price point here, and I might go back for more. Definitely want to see if Wonderbrett is like another Up North where the brand sort of means something.

See – a lot of these companies seem to be sort of brand identities that have been cobbled together by conglomerates. And as such the bud they sell has nothing to do with the name on the bottle; it’s all factory farms where it’s going to be a crapshoot if you get a good or bad batch. And like with beer – everyone is trying to look like a small shop on the outside but very few are when you drill down on it. I’m too baked to get all search-y right now but I’m going to come back to this review later and do some sharing on Wonderbrett. Very curious on whether this is a real small farm or not.

Day Two: I wanted to come back to this review and just like emphasize the potency of this bud. I had to lie down. I’m not saying that has never happened before, but I can’t remember the last time it did from a non-edible. I really did not return to proper functioning for several hours. I mean I kept smoking the bud. So that explains a lot of that. But yeah – this is the strongest pot I’ve smoked maybe ever. I was really pleasantly surprised; this was just like a blind pick off the menu because liked the color of the box and didn’t recognize the brand.

Anyways – Brett really is just some dude. Hard to tell how small or big the place is from the website but good going Brett.

Strength : 10/10

I thought about it quite some time before giving this a 10, but I am two hits deep and it is almost paralyzing. I’m often skeptical of the THC readings over 30%, but in this case I really believe it. This shit is ferocious.

Taste : 9/10

It was almost weird how identical the aroma and the taste were on this bud. Like – in the way that wheat grass juice tastes exactly like a freshly mown lawn smells – the smell and flavor of this bud were just right in sync with each other. Also it was super yummy. And did have hints of citrus. And thankfully no banana. Because things that taste like banana are weird.

Appearance : 9/10

I mean – the pictures should really speak for themselves on this. This was gorgeous, huge buds, with all kinds of stuff going on on the outside. There were actually straight up crystals falling off of them when I picked them up. Like confetti. This is crazy pot.

Overall Score : 28/30

This is way up there in terms of all that I have reviewed on the blog so far. This bud had a lot going on and I am looking forward to smoking more of it. Who would have thought a strain named after a juice blend I find revolting could be so good?

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