Product Review : Flower / Bud

Classix’ Jack Herer

Great bud. Weird box. Weirdly low price.
StrainJack Herer
Price Point$45/3.5g ($12.86 / gram)
Listed THC25.09%
Purchased03/06/21 from Harborside

My initial impression is that this weed is both underpriced and overpackaged, which is a weird combination. Usually the bud that looks all weird and flashy is garbage and has a significant markup. Here the bud is like really fluffy, top shelf, super fresh and awesome, and it’s priced at like middle shelf for the region. Yet more evidence that price and quality have a tenuous relationship at best in the weed industry.

Jack Herer is a strain I have sampled before. This was a particularly fine example. Really strong almost assaulting sharp smell with hints of lemon and lime.

When I was 19 I drove out to San Francisco on Christmas break with a friend from Boston. We drove there in 52 hours and back in 47. It was a hell of a time. We stayed in the Mission at the apartment of another friend who was actually back east. So we had this little place to ourselves. There was a really good donut shop nearby.

We rented a Sony Playstation and just smoked weed in this kid’s apartment all day. It was awesome. And we bought our weed from the hippies on Haight. I was too nervous but my buddy would go pick up like an eighth for 50 bucks of this bright green space weed. And that’s what this bud is reminding me of – the space weed on Haight in the late nineties. I was only here for a couple weeks and I am no expert but there you have it.

This bud was so much fun I’m not even going to make fun of the box very much. I will say I think that people who are nostalgic for the era of cassettes may be forgetting how great digital music is and how much more various and interesting our relationship with music is now that it has broken out of the top 40 paradigm. But the silly box seems to be working in this case, so I say go with it. My one actual criticism on the packaging is that this bud was too good for a bag and deserved a jar.

Strength : 8/10

This wasn’t Not Strong, but strength was not its defining feature. Less of a Bluto and more of a pre-Spinach Popeye. For a sativa it definitely has some teeth, and enough punch to make you not want to do your taxes or go quantity surveying.

Taste : 8/10

Super tasty. A very strong smell with a lot of lemon and lime. But not lime-on. Which is my second most favorite portmanteau fruit after Mentolyptus. It was not at all harsh and just all fresh in and out.

Appearance : 9/10

Despite having been crushed in its bag a bit – this bud was like super fluffy and in amazing shape. I was really pleasantly surprised. As I mentioned elsewhere – I really thing this bud belongs in a jar. It had the kind of details and subtlety that would have stood out if they’d not been flattened by the plastic.

Overall Score : 25/30

This was a lot of fun to start my day with. I think this was like my second pleasant surprise in a row with a brand I know nothing about. That silly cassette tape box made me really expect to be trashing this bud in a review. But it totally went the other direction. This was a really fluffy, kind of underpriced and fragrant good time.