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Harborside (Flash Farms) Banjo

The dead median of all bud. It's magical how average this grass is.
BrandHarborside / Flash Farms
Price Point$65 / 7g ($9.29 / gram)
Listed THC23.35%
Purchased03/06/21 from Harborside

This is like the most middle shelf of bud ever. I really like it. If it was a pop duo it would be Air Supply. The buds are admittedly not Charismatic and Hairy, but they get the job done. This is bud I would definitely put in against a much more expensive strain in a blind test to see if I can really tell the difference or if I just pretend that I can.

So yeah – this bud is like fine. If it were an actor it would be Norman Fell. Like sure he’s no Don Knotts but he isn’t trying to be. It has the quiet competency of a Norman Fell. It would totally break to the camera on a bad joke.

I keep thinking of Banjo Kazooie, which is definitely a video game that I have played. He was a bear. As I recall he got into mishaps.

What can you say about a bunch of small buds that totally got me baked in an average way? That they were green. And tiny. And into Mozart and Bach.

Strength : 7/10

Nothing to write home about but not at all impotent.

Taste : 6/10

Nothing to write home about in the taste department either. It smelled like decent weed. On the lemon-y side of the lemon-incense spectrum.

Appearance : 6/10

There was no shake but also no buds above dime size. It all grinds the same and I would buy this bud again and again if I was on a budget or just in need of weed.

Overall Score : 19/30

What’s with the expression “nothing to write home about”? I haven’t ever written home. I mean I call my mom – I’m not an animal. Anyways. This bud was nothing to write home about.

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