Product Review : Flower / Bud

Cannabiotix’ Cereal Milk

Furry bud. Not a great smell or taste but super potent and really amazing to look at up close.
StrainCereal Milk
Price Point$65 / 3.5g ($18.57 / gram)
Listed THC31.05%
Purchased03/26/21 from Harborside

Okay this is definitely one-hit bud. I am three bong hits deep and it’s all swirly. In honor of the name of this strain I am listening to Milky Cereal by LL Cool J. I don’t actually have any cereal right now. I’m in kind of an oatmeal space these days.

Speaking of an oatmeal space, this is definitely grass that makes itself into what you’re doing. One would not, like, want to go paragliding right now. Unless one was very good at it and the world was made out of marshmallows.

One negative or at least neutral note is that this bud smells a little musty, and even after grinding does not kick ass in the odor department. It also does not taste like much. On the other hand – check out the close up pictures – it is an insane crystal forest. It looks like a caterpillar. It has more peach fuzz than a peach. So there’s something going on with that. I think this is what the kids are referring to as “trichomes”.

I hope in like 5 years there’s some scientific consensus on how the different parts of weed work. Because I just don’t believe anybody about it yet. I mean in a general sense – sure a furry bud is going to do more various and interest things to your brain. But even the conceit that this is consistent across users is not readily apparent to me. I don’t see how that could be the case. But then again I am not in any way a scientist and I have but the one brain to test anything with. So I’m probably way off.

Cannabiotix feels like a super corporate brand – maybe because of the packaging and honestly the name of the strain in this case. Naming a thing after a bougie ingredient that was invented like a minute ago does not help me like the brand. Also I reviewed their Super Silver Haze a bit ago which had pretty silly packaging.

But I can’t help but like the weed and ultimately that’s what matters. I’d say this grass is at least worth it for the price and maybe even interesting unto itself.

Strength : 9/10

This is definitely one-hit bud. It came on strong and had a decent mental shelf life. If you are paying attention to your mental shelf. I know I am.

Taste : 6/10

It’s a neutral or a negative in terms of taste and smell. This is the category where this grass falls flat – or at least this jar of it. Hints of dirt and must. Not at all harsh, though, which is why not a lower score; this was easy to smoke if not tasty.

Appearance : 9/10

I mean I think those up close photos are pretty remarkable – at least if you want bud to be covered with all white crystals like that. I have like an inkling that that is the more THCa heavy stuff because that’s what it looks like when it is distilled into powder. But I could be way off on that. I bet that is something I could look up. On the internet.

Overall Score : 24/30

I really enjoyed smoking this but I wouldn’t roll a joint with it. Really does smell and taste such that you don’t really want to linger over it. On the other hand, this grass kicked my ass and went down easy. So like really nailed two out of three.