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Cannabiotix L’Orange

This is the most orange tasting orange bud that ever oranged. Unbelievably pleasant to smell and smoke.
Price Point$65 / 3.5g ($18.57 / gram)
Listed THC30.41%
Purchased03/26/21 from Harborside

Unlike Runaway Bride and so many others, this is not a strain where one wonders why it is named like it is. Opening up the jar is like mashing your nose into a pile of orange zest. Next to some blueberry cookies my girlfriend grew last year, this is the most unique and specific smelling bud I think I have ever come across. And it is delicious.

I’m smoking this the day after the Cannabiotix Cereal Milk strain, and it is night and day in terms of taste and pleasure. A little weaker maybe but that, in this case, is really no problem. You know when you go to a dinner party and bring wine and everyone wants to know where it came from because that’s how good it is? I don’t. I quit drinking when I was 16. that shit will fucking kill you. Fast. BUT this is the grass equivalent of that bottle of wine. I guarantee anyone taking a hit off of this will ask where it came from and how the heck they can get some of it.

There’s a teeny bit of creep on the high which is pleasant and on the heavy side. I am having a blast on this. I gotta tell you. Almost like an invigorating shot of Vitamin C.

Strength : 8/10

Not the strongest bud in the world. A firm but gentle high. On the more awake – functioning side of that spectrum.

Taste : 10/10

I already went on about it I know. This is orange peel in weed form. In the best way. Off the charts.

Appearance : 9/10

Beautiful, fluffy, aromatic, and nicely trimmed. This was photo quality grass. The only “shake” in the jar was crystals, and not even many of them because they stayed stuck to the bud. This is grass you pull out to impress other people.

Overall Score : 27/30

Much like the duck dish of the same name, this was delicious, succulent, and made me super happy.

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