Product Review : Flower / Bud

Grapes of Wrath by Wonderbrett

Did not meet expectations. Please see me after class.
StrainGrapes of Wrath
Price Point$65 / 3.5g ($18.57 / gram)
Listed THC29.25%
Purchased07/29/22 from Harborside

As a lit major who graduated with a GPA of under 3.0 – I can’t count how many times I have pretended to read the Grapes of Wrath. I’ve never even successfully watched the movie. All that I know, when I think about it, is based on a single Trivial Pursuit question from the original edition. As a result, I am well aware that the Grapes of Wrath traces the journey of the Joad family out of the dust bowl during the Great Depression. Now give me my pie piece.

Unlike the novel, I have definitely smoked this weed. And I want to say rave things about it but the reality is it’s a bit on the weak side but has a gentle high to it that I am appreciating. Also it has a little mustiness to the smell. I like this brand generally speaking and have found several of their varieties to be really excellent. This, however feels like kind of a miss.

The cannabanoid count on this, when compared to the THC %, indicates a very wide terpene profile. I have found, anecdotally, that this is often a sign that the bud is of very high quality. I am not finding that to be the case here. I almost sort fo wonder if I have a “bum eighth” based on my expectations from the stats, freshness, and the grower. But I think in reality I’m just becoming a little snobby about this shit.

And here’s the thing – I am not like talking shit about this weed. No doubt there are parts of the country where this shit is like the toppest of the top shelf. Just here I happen to be pitting it against a ridiculous number of strong competitors and it fails by comparison.

In like three weeks, I am going to start moving around the country for a few months. It will be interesting to see if I am able to do reviews from the road and what I will find out there this time. My expectation is that quality will be up after a few years away from the East Coast and that I can find some worthwhile grass over there.

Anyways – like the eponymous book, Grapes of Wrath ended up being a little bleak overall.

Strength : 7/10

It’s nice to smoke but it’s just not that strong. OI will say it doesn’t like fade away fast or feel fake. It’s just not quite as walloping as rece4nt experiences.

Taste : 9/10

Nothing bad to say about the taste or the smoke. It was super top shelf in this respect.

Appearance : 7/10

Definitely an over attractive bud and as I have said elsewhere in this review – just kind of a disappointment where the tires meet the road. Also a little musty smelling despite its recent harvest date.

Overall Score : 23/30

I like the idea of naming buds after novels. I would like to smoke some The Dubliners with a little The Sun Also Rises. I imagine that would go down well. Overall The Grapes of Wrath was just blah.