Product Review : Flower / Bud

Gello by Sherbinski

Seriously incapacitating. Sherbinski is fun to say and fun to smoke.
Price Point$60/3.5g ($17.14 / gram)
Listed THC33.01%
Purchased07/29/22 from Harborside

With a name like Sherbinski, it’s gotta be good.

I don’t usually get into any genetics, but since I looked it up and I knew some of it from before, I will share that Sherbinski, as a grower and brand, are the inventors of the Gelato strain of which this is a descendant. That is a very popular strain, is my understanding, as well as a very popular ice cream variant of which I am fond. Another thing I am fond of is this weed which is super strong and very debilitating physically. My hands feel high. My feet feel high. I am not going to run a decathlon right now under any circumstances.

One of the first cartridge video games I ever owned was Decathlon for the Commodore 64. The principle mechanic for most of the games in it was whacking the joystick back and forth wicked fast in order to run, gain speed, or whatever you needed to do in the particular event. Hurdles were especially hard because you had to hit the joybutton at the hurdle but also whack the stick back and forth to run. I had a joystick with suction cups on the bottom which was very handy for this.

So Gello is mellow and tastes great. I think they are really going all in on orange brand-wise, which certainly simplifies a lot of decisions and I respect that. Also Sherbinski is just definitely a great name for anything. You could literally say that Sherbinski is the top brand in any category and it would be pretty believable. Like РSherbinski Yachts are the best yachts out there. Or РThe Sherbinski  is the Cadillac of garbage disposals. Both totally believable.

Strength : 9/10

Definitely two hits and done. This was pretty strong and as I mentioned – really does not make you energized. I am comfortable and happy in my slothfulness though. It is a cocoon of inactivity that I will gladly hang out in. It’s Friday today after all, and it’s a payday, and I definitely plan to order some deliciousness and watch some outlandishness.

Taste : 10/10

A strong smell of cheese funk. Like if Bootsy teamed up with Christopher Cross. Also hints of pine. This bud is very whiffy. Nice looking well trimmed if small buds. It smokes super smooth and tastes a little… well, it tastes like weed, honestly. I should maybe get a small dry herb vape and see if that gives me a better sense of how buds taste because bongs and joints do not offer way too much in that area. I can definitely tell different cigarettes apart – so I know I have a sense of taste when it comes to smoke. I remember very well how all the different kinds of cigarettes I have tried taste. Like – Export A’s are super memorable – and Dunhill’s and Nat Sherman’s also. But with weed – unless it’s one of the super obvious strains like l’orange from Cannabiotix where the weed just tastes like explicitly like its name – I just can’t tell the difference between strains. I can tell the difference in quality based on how harsh it is for sure. And of course how old it is and how loose it is. Those all make an apparent difference. But at one quality point – two strains are hard to tell apart a lot of the time. It might be interesting to try a blind test at some point.

Appearance : 9/10

Lovely mid size buds. A suffusion of orange. I liked all of it.

Overall Score : 28/30

Sherbinski Sherbinski Sherbinski Sherbinski Sherbinski Sherbinski. I could have copied and pasted but I typed all those out. That’s the kind of dedication I give this shit.