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Sunset Sherbert x Banana Buttercups by ACK Natural

Pretty but simple. Like the Ryan Phillipe of weed.
BrandACK Natural
StrainSunset Sherbert x Banana Buttercups
Price Point$65 / 3.5 ($18.57 / gram)
Listed THC27.77%
Purchased10/13/22 from ACK Natural

This bud is prettier than it is strong. But it sure is pretty. Look at the size of that bud. Crazy.

It’s not as good as it looks but it’s still very smooth to smoke and not at all disappointing. I think it just brought less to the table, for me, than the Mac 1 which I bought at the same time and reviewed previously.

This bud is in some way more intrinsic to the place it was grown; it looks earth shatteringly beautiful but it is in fact a little problematic in some key areas. In the case of this weed, it’s like a little weaker than its numbers to me, and just kind of an average experience all the way around.

Also it seems like with these two ancestors that they could have at least invented a new name. Like just off the top of my head:

  • Diddy Kong
  • Banana Split
  • Banana Sherbet
  • Sherbertcups McGillicuddy
  • Banana Sunset

Maybe some of those are taken, though? I just mean even if you had to go super specific and silly why not give it its own name? It’s going to break my website or I’m going to have to change something about the theme to accommodate a name this long. is all I’m saying. So from my perspective a shorter, catchier name would have done a lot to endear me to this weed.

Strength : 7/10

It’s just not much to write home about when compared to it’s big brother, the Mac 1.

Taste : 8/10

I mean it tasted great. With a name like Sunset Sherbert x Banana Buttercups the one thing I think you’re sure to get is a smooth hit. And that was there.

Appearance : 10/10

As I’ve said throughout this review there’ no question this bud is a stunner. I mean look at the size and girth of that throbbing bud in the middle. Crazy.

Overall Score : 25/30

I am probably being too harsh on this bud. Like if I had only bought this weed and not the Mac 1 simultaneous to it I probably would have given it a shallower curve and overall more positive thing. I took the pictures at the same time is one thing – so after seeing that bud I had it in my head that the Mac 1 was going to be the weaker and more pedestrian of the two. I think the reversal of that hypothesis is driving the overall tone of this review. Like – The Cake is a Lie! kind of fervor. So honestly – buy this weed if only to assuage my own personal guilt at my defaming it in this knavish way.

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