Product Review : Flower / Bud

Mac-1 by ACK Natural

Great bud. Nice place. Considering where it was bought, pretty affordable as well.
BrandACK Natural
StrainMac 1
Price Point$70 / 3.5g ($20 / gram)
Listed THC26.96%
Purchased10/13/22 from ACK Natural

This is my second venture into the weird, vertically integrated world of Nantucket dispensaries. This strain is from the other dispensary on the island – ACK Natural. I haven’t gotten into doing reviews of dispensaries yet but I think I’m going to get into that soon enough. I just want to make sure I have a way to be fair to all sides and also provide like useful information that helps me to learn. Similar to what I am doing with grass.

That all being said – ACK Natural is way the better of the two spots here on the island, at least based on my somewhat limited experience. The bud is significantly better and the vibe is more accessible against what I am used to; more laid back and less bustle and hustle.

This bud is great. Super wide terpene profile – 26% THC percentage but 33% total cannabinoids. As I have mentioned in a couple previous reviews – this seems to be one of the numbers that separates the middle shelf from the top shelf experientially, or should. It just seems like buds that have a wide variety and quantity of terpenes have a little extra magic in them as far as what they do to your brain. I’m still very skeptical about the specific attributes they are trying to attach to each terpene. That seems a little under researched and subjective to me still.

So yeah – dynamite bud. Very attractive, also. These were big, fluffy, hairy buds.

Strength : 9/10

Super heady buzz and lots of interesting extra things going on This bud was competitive with what I am getting at the top tier across the country.

Taste : 8/10

This bud did not stand out in terms of taste and aroma. I have had this strain elsewhere and it is just one of those “tastes mostly like good weed” strains.

Appearance : 9/10

Honestly because it isn’t shipped anywhere it makes sense that this would be some of the most intact, fluffy, and all around unhandled bud I have been able to buy at a dispensary. I would love to smoke some of the shit I have been able to find in NorCal fresh off the farm because it definitely gives the bud an edge, even despite the 4 months it lived on the shelf before making it to me.

Overall Score : 26/30

This strain is worth getting to know better, and this place seems to produce some really nice buds. All around just a terrific experience.