Product Review : Flower / Bud

Alpine Sunrise by Golden State

Terrific bud for a terrific New Year. It makes me feel things in my cheeks.
BrandA Golden State
StrainAlpine Sunrise
Price Point$55 / 3.5g ($15.71 / gram)
Listed THC36.43%
Purchased01/03/23 from Harborside

Well it’s the first review of a new year. And I am back in CA after a 4 month journey through the US.

For many reasons, the quality of the grass being one of them, it is good to be home. The first thing I did in CA was go to a dispensary. I was in Needles, a border town between AZ and CA, and the bud there was just terrific. Then I went and got a pizza. Then I lost my pillow. t was quite a night.

Speaking of terrific bud, so is this Alpine Sunrise from A Golden State. Having just smoked several bong hits to my head, I am challenged to hit the keys on the keyboard in the correct order. The more I think about it the harder it gets. But really – this is great pot. My cheeks are high. My eyes feel stoned. My fingers are finging like nobody’s business.

I will have to sample this bud again later but right now this is feeling like a top contender in terms of potency. I was honestly expecting very little from it and I am pleasantly surprised. It’s a pretty unassuming package and not a brand I am at all familiar with. But if this is what they do consistently then this is one to watch. It was, relative to some of the toppy top shelf bud at Harborside, a not crazy $55 bucks for the eighth.

While I have been chucking out the first few paragraphs of this review, this was my soundtrack. You may recognize the intro from that song by that guy from the 90’s with the twin sister.

So okay – first review of the new year is a big smash. I’m so happy about that. I am trying in my own Not a Resolution kind of way to be more consistent with reviews. We’ll see how that goes. I think probably the thing for me to do is to build a backlog. That’s how the pros do it, I understand. Also I am adding a “faster” photo studio to my desk. I think the quality didn’t suffer. But we’ll see.

To get back to the matter at hand – I have no complaints about this here bud. I am smoking it right at quitting time and good thing because I am definitely not in a position to do anything in a professional capacity. Except maybe like mop a floor. I could probably mop a floor.

Merry Xmas, everyone. And Happy New Year. Smoke this weed. It will get you distractingly high.

Strength : 10/10

This really got me in the knees. It’s the kind of bud you have to warn your “every now and then” friends about.

Taste : 8/10

Not superlative for taste, but a very smooth hit and maybe some notes of pine.

Appearance : 9/10

Very attractive. Big fluffy buds still nice and fresh. But well cured and ground up like a treat. I’d definitely get this shit again.

Overall Score : 27/30

An exciting beginning to the year. Terrific weed with super high potency and not much to complain about. I had a great time, thanks. I’m going to reward myself with a sandwich and a ginger beer.