Product Review : Flower / Bud

Wipe Out by Connected

Good weed. Pretty strong. Shares its name with a song by The Surfaris.
StrainWipe Out
Price Point$60 / 3.5g ($17.14 / gram)
Listed THC30.9%
Purchased01/03/23 from Harborside

I’ve only been back in California for a couple weeks and I am already spoiled by the superlative quality of the weed out here. I just took two bong hits, I am nicely stoned, and I am going to say that this grass is just not as potent as the last candidate, Alpine Sunrise, which was a huge surprise honestly.

I have made the mistake of getting a little too baked right before my work day has technically ended, so I am somehow managing to have a Slack conversation simultaneous to ewriting this. I’m sure it will be over soon. Not everything, I mean. Just this dumb conversation about boring things that are boring.

I got new satin sheets. Man they are slippery. They’re purple and I feel like Prince. Without quite as much sexiness if I am being honest. He was one Sexy Motherfucker.

So apparently this weed makes me a little free associative. That’s a good thing. Everything about it is good it’s just suffering from following a real stunner. I’m sure people who go on after Gallagher feel the same way. Except that he is dead. And probably hasn’t been a decent reference for a few decades really. You ever see Gallagher? Yeah, you don’t need to. It was as one note a comedy show as they come.

But yes – despite my lack of focus – this weed is really neat. It’s just not quite as neat as the weed before it so it’s getting short shrift. There’s a phrase you don’t see much these days.

Strength : 8/10

I mean the numbers on the jar are definitely not a lie. This was strong and also a little spacy.

Taste : 7/10

Hints of incense and pine. Not at all unpleasant. A tiny bit harsh if I am being critical. Which I mean I am if I said that. Because it’s a critical statement. End scene.

Appearance : 8/10

These buds were as tight as rocks and trimmed super neatly. The closeup photos tell a good story too.

Overall Score : 23/30

This weed doesn’t stand out in any particular category, but it deserves its top shelf position. And again I will mention – it has made me very spacey. I do wonder if some of these reviews suffer for the fact that I write them while I am under the influence of the bud in question. But otherwise I’m really not sure if I would ever write one; like I don’t remember how I felt when I smoked weed as well after the fact as during. Did that make sense? We’ll go back and check the tape later.