Product Review : Flower / Bud

Gemini by Alien Labs

Good top shelf buds. A slight mustiness in taste. Otherwise, neat-o.
BrandAlien Labs
Price Point$60 / 3.5g ($17.14 / gram)
Listed THC31.09%
Purchased01/03/23 from Harborside

This is a lovely little jar of buds. They’re so fluffy the jar is like packed a little tight even though it’s just an eighth. Which caused no complaints from this happy consumer.

Aside from a little mustiness in the flavor, I find very little to complain about here. This bud is nice and strong, smooth to smoke, and I feel just neat-o.

To be fair – it’s a Sunday afternoon and I have so far had some waffles and been neatening up the house for a few hours. So I was already in a pretty great mood.

This bud photographs pretty well, I felt. I have been working on trying to streamline my photo process, as it was a huge bottleneck to writing reviews last year. Especially while I was on the road. For all the I have a couple of nice light kits and various display concepts, I am now trying to do more with less. I have a real small setup right here on my desk so I can like rip out photos and if I find that one segment is shitty, I can go back and reshoot without like leaving the room and moving my beverage and stuff. Because sometimes its hard to carry a glass of water.

I have like tried to start this here next paragraph three times and I think I am out of things to say about this weed. Is that because it has paralyzed my brain? You decide.

Strength : 9/10

The numbers are real. It’s not a lot of nuance, but it’s got that strength. I will say that the half life seems to be rather short for me; this high is wearing off somewhat quickly.

Taste : 7/10

Smells terrific with hints of lemon. It does taste very slightly musty when smoked. I clean my bong before I do these things and it’s crystal clear. I do my very best to give everyone’s bud the best review I possibly can.

Appearance : 10/10

This is some sexy looking bud. And extra fluffy and great. If it was a woman, it would be Anna Nicole Smith. Because I think this bud would also be the subject of a reality tv show and unfortunate early death.

Overall Score : 26/30

I think this is like the median top shelf California bud right now. I like it a lot and I have little to say bad about it. I think at this point I’ve become spoiled enough that it actually takes something specifically sexy to catch my attention. Also, after I’ve been writing about weed for a couple of years, it takes something kinky in the weed to get me to a place where I can add some real new insights. So many excuses…