Product Review : Flower / Bud

Grapes and Cream by Solful

Really excellent, nuanced bud. I had fun. I learned things.
StrainGrapes and Cream
Price Point$45 / 3.5g ($12.86 / gram)
Listed THC33%
Purchased04/20/23 from Solful

I took my sweet time getting around to smoking this weed; it was given to me by a friend who got it as a special thingy on 4/20. Solful is a dispensary which specializes in Sun Grown / outdoor flower only. And they have a very different relationship with their growers; it appears they are more supportive of good agricultural practices. How much of that is marketing or not is not easy to discern, but from all I have heard they are legit good people. Also, the experience of going to Solful is very positive; all the budtenders know their shit. Even the door guy has a significant ability to discuss weed and weed culture.

This bud is their toppiest shelf offering; 32% from an outdoor plant is kind of absurd though not unheard of up here. And it’s a fuckin’ banger. I’m grading on a minor curve in terms of the bud’s condition because I am the asshole who left it on a shelf for several months. Despite that it’s got a strong, pleasant aroma with hints of lemon and earth. I did a bunch of reading about terpenes, and I think that mean there’s like limonen and tinen in it? I could be totally wrong on that though.

What’s nice about this bud is that it’s got a variety of mental effects; it’s got a lot of nuance and ends up on the more energetic side of a hybrid, at least for me. I have a nice pleasant high but am still able to function pretty reasonably well.

So yes – unsurprisingly – the best bud from a really good dispensary is good. More at 11.

Strength : 8/10

It’s less the punch than the peripherals here; I’m feeling nice but also my brain is dancing in lots of fun ways. This is more a picnic than a banquet. Does that even mean anything? No, not really.

Taste : 8/10

I personally don’t like the earthier flavors in grass, so this isn’t my very very favorite, but it smokes nicely and is not in any way harsh or caustic to the palate.

Appearance : 10/10

I mean almost the whole eighth is one bud. What more do you want? It looks freakin’ awesome and wild, and has a nice strong lemon-y scent with a little earthiness on the end. When hitting it – it comes in reverse – with the dirt on top and lemon on the bottom.

Overall Score : 26/30

This reminds me that I need to continue to be diverse in the places I buy grass from, at least for the purposes of reviews; I can get into a groove on a single place and just sort of miss a whole portion of what is being grown and going on. Diversity is the key. I’m glad I finally got around to smoking this, and if I ever see it again it’s for sure a buy.