Product Review : Flower / Bud

Lemon Thai by UpNorth

Bright, fun, green grass. Lemonicious.
StrainLemon Thai
Price Point$65 /3.5g ($18.57 / gram)
Listed THC33.15%
Purchased06/15/23 from Harborside

This is a refreshing and nicely made sativa. I’m not going to say it’s my favoritest ever, but it’s not a strain I have run into a lot in the wild, and I like it very much. The lemon is immediately apparent in the smell and the taste, and it’s  a pretty active and busy high.

If this was around more, it would be a regular buy from me; it’s a lot of what I like in weed. It’s pretty energetic, tasty, and it has a cool sounding name that evokes the early history of weed in California which tickles my inner hipster.

Strength : 8/10

It’s very strong for a sativa, and has a fairly broad set of terpenes, dominantly limonen unsurprisingly, that make my brain feel busy. I’m not going to say anything profound but I might well talk a lot if there was anyone here to listen. I may still talk to my cat for a while just to see what he thinks. Larry can be a bit stoic but he is a fine audience.

Taste : 9/10

The lemon comes through ion the hit and very strongly in the aroma. One minor negative, I should report, is that my roommate thought that the smoke smelled a lot more like cigarettes than regular weed, and not in an appealing way. I’ve never really been able to smell the weed I am smoking in that way so I can’t really confirm. To me it was lovely.

Appearance : 7/10

Not the biggest or sexiest buds. No idea if that is endemic to the strain or just a factor of the jar I got. But there is nothing to write home about in terms of how this looked before I smoked it.

Overall Score : 24/30

Overall this was a novel bud. This is definitely a brand I like and it seems like while everyone else zigs, they zag. At least in terms of their strain choices.