Product Review : Flower / Bud

Tropicana Cookies by Firefly Organics

Pretty little orange nuggets. Like happy little Garfields. Nice bud overall.
BrandFirefly Organics
StrainTropicana Cookies
Price Point$40 / 3.5g ($11.43 / gram)
Listed THC17.4%
Purchased12/12/23 from Maine Cannabis Exchange

A strongly orange scented bud, this is the second of two strains I picked up in Maine a few days ago and have been smoking through the holiday. It’s like the fat orange at the bottom of my stocking. In my experience, Christmas Oranges had too much white stuff on them after you peeled them. I suspect there is a science reason for that.

Though it’s got low potency numbers, it packs a pleasant punch. This is very nicely taken care of bud and reasonably fresh. For me this is definitely a grower I will look at again for the quality. The buds are a little loose but other than that it’s very lovely, well maintained, and furry and good looking. Also the aroma is just dynamite.

I’m still too new to the east coast to know whether this bud is highly recommendable or just not bad. It wouldn’t quite make the top shelf in CA I don’t think but that’s a very different scene. In most states I have been to this makes it to the top shelf easily based on quality.

You know what you don’t see around any more at the the holidays is mistletoe. Like – in any form at all other than in pictures. I suspect the tradition kind of fizzled during the public conversation around consent. I always thought it was kind of creepy and weird anyways. Except in Yogi’s First Christmas, where clearly Cindy Bear is no way going to get Yogi where she wants him without the help of the mistletoe. But other than that – problematic at best. Still, you would think that some bud would be called mistletoe because it harvested late or something.  Just goes to show you – most weed strains are named after Julia Roberts movies.

Strength : 7/10

I mean while the strength is not going to knock you over the head – it’s a decent lasting high with some nice hints of nuance. I found it to be pretty mellow but also to have some nice terpene related depth. It’s definitely not weed that will make you see ghosts, but on the up side, I’m not going to see ghosts.

Taste : 9/10

This bud tastes very strongly of orange. Right off the bat. Smell, too. Strong limonene, is what that means – or so the science would have you believe. It smells like that Mandarin Orange Spice tea from Celestial Seasonings. Or maybe just Orange Zinger. It’s very orange-y. Is the take away point for this paragraph.

I’m finding this to be super easy to smoke as well. I tried it in the bong and the one-hitter and didn’t cough much on either. All in all – this will probably be the bud I rock in the New Year with and that’s A-Okay with me. But I might get one more, just to be safe ).

Appearance : 8/10

Though the buds are a little small they are well trimmed and cured. There’s lots of happy little hairs on them as you can see in the pics. There were packaged in November but harvested in September, and have become a teeny bit brittle in the interim. So hopefully we can find something more fresh from them in future to see if the bud can be even better in that form.

Overall Score : 24/30

I’m not going to complain about this bud at all. I would make it part of a tasting menu as a really strong member of the Orange family. It’s not going to win at potency but it’s also not a single note high. I’d say my interest is piqued enough to want to see more of this grower if not of this batch.