Product Review : Flower / Bud

LA Kush Cake by RiverRun Gardens

Great pot. Too expensive. If you have the means, I recommend picking some up.
BrandRiver Run Farms, LLC
StrainLA Kush Cake
Price Point$38 / 2.25g ($16.89 / gram)
Listed THC34.07%
Purchased12/30/23 from CNA Amesbury

This is probably the strongest weed I have bought inside of Massachusetts thus far. And it’s quite tasty. That being said it is overpriced; 20 bucks a gram is not an appropriate price for any weed. I’ve spent that much before but not often and I’m sort of annoyed that this weed was so good and that I’ve not been able to find anything else close to it.

At any rate, it’s very nice bud, and they were able to weight it and bag it in front of me which I have not seen before in Mass. That’s how many of the dispensaries in CO operate but not common in my experience outside of there. It was a nice experience, at least, and the guy talked me up a bit while he sold me this expensive weed. They call this their “cannabr” which I found confusing because you know – it wasn’t a bar and that’s the business I’m currently trying to start. But whatever – if there’s one thing that I can say about this industry it’s that people aren’t amazing at naming things so far.

CNA seems to be the preferred dispensary chain up here in Northern MA. They have been cool with me so far, and I do not have a sense of the broader market to gauge whether their pricing is consistent with the region, but I suspect it is based on user reviews I’ve read. It’s like the one dispensary chain people take time out to mention positively which is a good sign for any business.

So yeah – this bud was really good. Almost one-hit weed in terms of strength, and quite decent by the other metricsĀ  as well.


Strength : 9/10

Nice strong, hybrid punch with a more Indica lean. It was definitely not bud that made me want to get up and dance. More like sit down and watch. I will say the lasting time on this was a little fleeting; I blew through all 2 grams of this in like 2 nights which is a little fast for my current smoking pace. I think it was a bit dry so it burnt faster, and also that it was memorably good so I went back for more more often.

Taste : 7/10

I mean it smelled cheesy and it had a bit of a cough to it. It wasn’t terrible to smoke but it also wasn’t delicious; I have some cheesy bud from Maine that I am reviewing next that smokes amazing – so it’s not that type of bud in general; just this bud was like a little not amazing in flavor and smokeability. Definitely the one category it tripped up a little bit in.

Appearance : 9/10

Absolutely beautiful buds which the dude did a very nice job of picking out for me. You can see from the pictures that this was very well cared for and managed the whole way through. It’s nice to see it’s possible to get stuff this attractive in MA. Now I just have to find it at an affordable price point.

Overall Score : 25/30

I will likely try the bud out of the “cannabar” at CNA a gram at a time. While it is a bit much in terms of cost, it’s delivering quality for the price paid and it is definitely more interesting to review bud that has a personality rather than a list of weaknesses. Also, though it can be a little cringey, I am interested to see the ways in which people talk up the bud from behind the counter and this method fo service encourages more of that. The dude at CNA was very excited about offering weed from their “cannabar” (which I refuse to capitalize and will instead continue to trap in the Quotation Marks of Extreme Condescension) and was also generally excited about saying “cannabar” a lot. And honestly I did not really understand what he was referring to until after I left and saw a Reddit post about the place two days later. What he was referring to was in fact a bunch of jars on shelves. I realize all of this is just me Andy Rooney’ing about the semantics of the name “cannabar”.

Has anyone done an Andy Rooney-esque bit about how no one knows who Andy Rooney is anymore?