Product Review : Flower / Bud

Cherry Ghostenade by Zero Gravity

A pleasant romp in the lighter side of weed.
BrandZero Gravity
StrainCherry Ghostenade
Price Point$38 / 3.5g ($10.86 / gram)
Listed THC19.4%
Purchased01/03/24 from Theory Wellness (Kittery, ME)

My first totally unfair impression of this bud is that the name sounds made up. It gets a lot more positive from there but really? Ghostenade? Even if it’s meant to be a portmanteau it’s not clear to me what words are being linked here. And not to split hairs, but there’s a lot more orange taste and smell than anything even slightly Cherry.

Remember Cherry 2000? That completely schlocky sci-fi movie from the mid 80’s where Melanie Griffith played a sex robot? See, now – that’s just good casting.

So this bud, for all that the THC percentage will not knock your socks off, is actually really good pot. And it’s more mentally engaging than that single THC number would have you believe. This bud would actually be a good teaching tool for why chasing THC does not yield the best high.

This purchase comes off a recommendation from the budtender, when I asked him what he would go home and smoke right then if he had the means. And I get where he is coming from with that; this bud smokes very smooth, has a pleasant effect, and a nice wide and warm brain hug. It’s not going to stop you from getting stuff done, either, which is sometimes what you’re looking for.

I’m still new on the east coast, and again with Zero Gravity¬† the manufacturer – this is another company I want to know more about. I know their packaging is very minimal and that the dude behind the counter said he liked them as a grower.

I don’t know that I am going to go rushing back to the shop to get more of this grass, but that’s because I generally want a little more mental impairment with my high, If that’s not you, then this bud may be a super fit. So you know – to embrace the notion that marketing should be targeted at a specific lifestyle or set of them – I would say that any delivery drivers or service workers looking for bud to smoke while working – this would be a great choice. Not that I condone that sort of thing. I mean I condone delivering pizzas. Just not doing so while high. Unless you’re good at it and the pizza is coming to my house. In which case do what you feel, fam.

Strength : 7/10

As stated in the main blurb – this ain’t the strongest THC percentage you are going to find. That being said, it’s well tended to and it does have a nice 360 degree high with interesting parts; it’s not a one trick pony. It would be interesting to put this back to back with a high THC low terpene bud to see who would pick what in a taste test. Shit it would be interesting to do that sort of thing with any two strains. Here’s hoping I get to have a weed bar this year to start that kind of experiment up for real.

Taste : 8/10

In terms of smell and taste, this has an orange flavor. I know they call it cherry but it’s definitely orange from the limonin. And it’s very pleasant and absolutely lovely to smoke. Despite being a bit dry it’s not super harsh and goes down very smooth and easy,

Appearance : 9/10

Lovely buds. I got two eighths and they were both trimmed well with no shake in the bag. I think the cure was right and that the slight crumbliness of the buds I experienced was due to age not quality. So forgiven on that.

Overall Score : 24/30

Another successful bud tender recommendation. I can’t say enough times that finding a good dispensary and a good budtender at that dispensary removes a lot of the mystery from the dispensary experience. It’s a lot like going to the casino; once you understand what the rules are and what is happening, a dispensary becomes much easier to navigate and get good results from. I wish is wasn’t so muddy how to do this for the average consumer, but that is working out over time.

This bud would never have caught my eye just paging through the menu at this dispensary. There’s no single number you can look at to find it. For the strongest on the top shelf yes – there is an equation to find that bud for you. But for the hidden gems you really need to ask for help from folks that know the inventory and the growers.