Product Review : Flower / Bud

Hippie Crasher by The Green Lady

Good bud if not overwhelmingly strong. Gentle high with a nice smooth hit.
BrandThe Green Lady
StrainHippie Crasher
Price Point$65 / 3.5 ($18.57 / gram)
Listed THC24.67%
Purchased10/09/22 from The Green Lady

For the first time in the history of this site, I am actually on a Dispensary Adventure (he said it! he said it!). Today’s review comes to you from Nantucket, MA where I spent a certain portion of my childhood. I am visiting here for a few weeks as the “season” draws to a close.

Due to its strange geography and situation, Nantucket’s dispensaries must grow all of their bud on site. This is due to there being federal waters and airspace between the mainland of MA and the island, thus preventing imports due to federal law. So this dispensary has the unique and dubious honor of being likely one of the most expensive dispensaries to build in the US. For those that are not aware, the real estate here tends toward the pricey side, so running a grow operation here requires a pretty serious infrastructure cost just to get off the ground.

So that’s the backstory. The end result of all of this is a strain that is pretty popular this year – Hippie Crasher, as grow and cultivated by the folks at The Green Lady. This is one of their stronger strains, and one they were proud of at the counter.

The reality is – I’m pretty spoiled smoking in Northern California. They have a couple of decades of real world experience that you just don’t find here. So I’m kind of grading on a curve while I am here and looking for the positive in the weed scenes I have been traveling through. Unfortunately due to some technical and procedural difficulties, I kind of failed writing a number of reviews as I drove across the country, but I did try out some grass in Nevada, Illinois, New York, and also on the mainland in Mass. So I do have some stuff to compare this bud to that was not bought at the largest dispensary in Oakland, which helps me to provide context to the bud in question.

And this is – well – great bud that is just not super face-meltingly strong. It smokes smooth, has a nice flavor and aroma, and of course it got me nice and high. It’s not “one hit and done” bud, and anyone coming from a very cannabis friendly environment might want a little more from it. I totally enjoyed smoking it but I am also definitely going to visit the other dispensary on the island next to see if they have anything that competes or exceeds this.

Strength : 7/10

I mean strength is where this bud kind of falls down a little. It’s very mid-range against what I’ve become used to. That being said it did make me stoned and sleepy and I had a big day leading up to it so I may create an addendum for this piece after tonight when I am going to give it another look. By which I mean I am going to smoke more weed. Because shit – that’s what we’re here for.

Taste : 8/10

Nothing to complain about in terms of taste and aroma. This had hints of lemon and cheese like that album by Ween. Which I realize now was Chocolate & Cheese but you know – facts – am I right? Super smooth hit and very easy to smoke. I haven’t generally been smoking joints when doing reviews here but – you gotta kind of adjust expectations when I am traveling. At least I got the macro pics to come out pretty well despite using a mobile version of my photo setup.

Appearance : 7/10

Buds were on the smaller side but were nice and fluffy. There’s a ding on the score because this was top shelf priced bud and not particularly well trimmed or preserved. And since I know it’s not shipping anywhere – just getting moved up the stairs – it seemed unnecessarily poorly taken care of in this respect.

Overall Score : 22/30

Due to the weird circumstances of this dispensary I think this bud is scoring low but in the next year or two this place may really blow up. The amount of attention and enthusiasm present in the dispensary itself and their self contained model is a recipe for long term success. I think this is their first year growing and so I am not super surprised that their genetics and setup are only yielding high middle strength bud with some size deficiency. I won’t be at ll surprised to be back here and raving about this place’s bud in a few years when they get some time to focus on the details of growing weed rather than being consumed by the sheer difficulty fo selling weed in this weird place.