Product Review : Flower / Bud

Gummies by Traditional

A strong sativa which smells exactly like Murphy's Oil Soap. But in a good way.
Price Point$55 / 3.5g ($15.71 / gram)
Listed THC30.2%
Purchased01/14/23 from Harborside

So – I definitely bought this grass because I feel like there have been too many all positive reviews and the silly jar, branding, and strain name made me think it might be a disappointment.

The thing is – the weed that makes it to the shelf at 50 bucks and above in CA is almost always high potency, banger weed. My understanding is that a lot of growers can’t even sell shake here (which means the market is saturated with high quality buds). So even though this might not be super duper amazing next to the last couple strains I reviewed, it’s still absolutely excellent.

Interesting to go from smoking a very indica dominant strain to a pure sativa in this one. And while the label doesn’t always resonate for me – this is a very pure sativa; I feel almost anxious with my high, which I kind of like, because it means it’ll be fun to go exercise and clean my house which is what’s next on the docket after sharing my thoughts here.

Overall, Gummies from Traditional is a lot better than I expected. It smells almost exactly like Murphy’s Oil Soap. And I guess some people may not like that or think of it as “appetizing” but it’s just this very fresh, clean aroma that is in fact a pleasure when you smoke it. You obviously don’t get as much of that soap taste – it’s just a very fresh, pine-y hit without a lot of coughing.

This laterally makes me think of Swedish Fish and gummy bears.

When I was a kid – Swedish fish cost a penny a piece at the counter at the convenience store in the little village up the street from my house. I sort of learned about how money worked through Swedish fish, and as a result, I still often translate my paycheck into how many Swedish fish I can buy. So even when I get like a refund check from the IRS for a few grand – I am still doing the math on how many pieces of candy that buys me if that’s the direction I decide to go with it.

Strength : 7/10

While it’s not a whanger, this bud comes on nice and fast. It may be stronger than the number I’m giving it, but I think I judge strength by how well I can think after a hit, and this bud just isn’t super cognitively detrimental. I may need to consider that in future when comparing sativas and indicas via strength. Maybe I can make an obstacle course for myself and see how well I do on it afterwards – just to add in another kind of intelligence to the judgment spectrum. Plus maybe an opportunity to jump through a flaming hoop into a kiddie pool full of pudding.

Taste : 8/10

It does smell great, as I mentioned, but the taste is a bit subtle. It does smoke very smoothly, and that pine-y smell does carry into the flavor of the hit. It’s just kind of light enough that it could pas without note. Much less strong in taste than the strains that hint of citrus and berries. Some of those can just taste like their name. We had some blueberry muffins that tasted so strong it was like delicious. You could have made breakfast cereal out of that weed.

Appearance : 8/10

Tight little indoor buds. There’s nothing here to complain about and nothing to shout from the rooftops about either. These were fine buds – a little less hairy / furry than some of the grass I’ve seen recently. My inclination is to think that these are machine trimmed but again I am not a real expert there. I don’t even know what the machine looks like. I want to think it looks like KITT but it probably looks more like a dishwasher.

Overall Score : 23/30

A very green, piney sativa with a get up and go attitude. A real go-getter. Better than CATS.

I had a decent time with Gummies. If you like strong jittery green buds, this is very much that. I expect this is the kind of weed that makes people pretty anxious if they aren’t expecting it, and could trigger weird reactions. I really like sativas a lot and they make me feel balanced and happy. But I am not sure I’d feel the same way if I was a more occasional smoker.

Gummies has a silly name, a silly jar, and it made me feel silly. Smurfin’ good work.