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Blue Agape by Maven Genetics

This is definitely weed. Strong diesel smell. Potent and tasty.
BrandMaven Genetics
StrainBlue Agape
Price Point$55 / 3.5g ($15.71 / gram)
Listed THC32.81%
Purchased01/14/23 from Harborside

This is the second strain I am trying from Maven Genetics, having sampled their French Laundry a week or so ago.

I had thought that Agape was the name of one of the Greek muses but I was wrong. Turns out it is the name for the love of god, and is considered the highest form of love in scripture.

Voodoo nonsense aside, this is good grass. It has a decidedly indica kind of feel, by which I mean it is fairly cognitively interrupting and inspires me to do very little. I am really inspired – it just leads me to beanbags and video games.

As notable as the strength of this bud is its smell; very strong hints of diesel and pine which also translate into a very distinct taste when smoked. It’s got some interesting coloring too; lots of deep purple and bright greens. It very much appears as a hybrid, along with being one.

The buds are a little hard but they do grind up okay. Not nearly as fluffy as some the greener, cirtus-y stuff that is sitting next to it on the shelf.

In the sixties, there were two acid camps – Ken Kesey’s and Timothy Leary’s. Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters were quintessentially Californian; they were free and naked and pretty and they laughed and were looking for the ultimate good trip. Leary’s gang, in contrast, were looking inward and on more of a solo trip, looking for themselves on the inside of their minds. As a result, they did not throw parties as good as the pranksters. This weed would be favored by Leary’s guys. It makes you want to sit and be contemplative about stuff. Which is nice, but not always what I am looking for weed to do for me; I can get there on my own. What I need help with is getting out of my mind and into the world. And as such I would have endeavored to be a Prankster if given the choice.

Strength : 9/10

The numbers here feel as though they accurately reflect strength. This is a strong high if a bit on the drowsy side. I’m feeling terrific after a couple of bowls over the past hour or so. Again – as with a lot of the bud off the top shelf – this wouldn’t be a fun weed to buy if you feel as though you get high very quickly or are prone to paranoia and stuff. Pretty much most of the weed I’ve looked at in the past month or so since travelling has been of that type. Any weed with above 30% THC is going to be a more advanced drug experience.

I’m curious when we get to indoor consumption being a thing how this will work; if a person comes in and smokes weed that is too strong for them – it’s different than someone who took too many shots because it can happen with one or two hits. Probably the first thing is to limit the percentages of what people can smoke or something. Or big warning signs and a chill out room.

Taste : 9/10

This bud has an overpowering diesel / gas smell which is actually quite pleasant. It comes across in taste as well – again very pleasantly though of course smoking gas sounds like a distasteful experience. But it’s worth mentioning; you see a lot of strains named Diesel and I’ve just never run into such a pure example of the smell that the name comes from. This is as sort of pine / gasoline tasting as some of the orange variants are. And in my experience the orange tasting strains are the most clear smelling and tasting strains.

Appearance : 7/10

The buds are a little small and there was an eensy amount of shake in the jar. Because of who this bud is up against at this price point in this place, these count against. Also I would always deduct a little because these buds are not very fluffy and feel quite dense and that makes them slightly less pleasant to work with functionally. Not much. I mean 7 is a pretty high number. If I told you you could have 7 ice cream sundaes you’d be psyched, for example. Not all at once, obviously. That would be more like a punishment.

Overall Score : 25/30

Blue Agape, despite it’s slightly pretentious name, is good sleepy fun weed. In the balance I wouldn’t rush back to buy this first, but it also didn’t suck in any way. I don’t have like science words to explain why it’s not thrilling to me. It just isn’t. But I will definitely say this is good enough to make me interested in getting some more grass from Maven Genetics to see if they are consistent and producing bud at different parts of the spectrum as well.

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