Product Review : Flower / Bud

Terdz by Clout King

Terdz is better than it looks but it inspires in me feelings of conflict and uncertainty. It is, after all, named Terdz.
BrandClout King
Price Point$52 / 3.5g ($14.86 / gram)
Listed THC31.48%
Purchased01/26/23 from Nug

I am conflicted about Terdz. Deeply conflicted.

On the one hand, this is an incredibly stupid name and package. Like – way beyond the pale. And if you’re going to mimic Nerdz, how could you not have the same split container with two strains in it? Seems like a wasted opportunity. Even Nerdz Breakfast Cereal had the wisdom to understand what it was that made the packaging unique and worthy of mimicry.

On the other hand – this bud is hard to differentiate from most of the other top shelf strains I have looked at lately; it has well trimmed potent buds, a strong and pleasant diesel smell, and it got me super high.

But isn’t there a point at which the branding matters a little? I mean – all things being equal I would just pick another strain over this one purely based on how silly this bag is. It’s named Terdz. Terdz!

The reason Terdz is on the menu is that I went to a new dispensary – a place called Nug in Alameda – to try it out.

When I go to a new dispensary, I always ask for a recommendation from the budtender on what their favorite bud is. In this case, because they recommended a strain that I feel is below the quality of other jars I saw on the shelf next to this, I am unlikely to go back. There’s no way for me know for sure, but in my experience it seems like smaller chain dispensaries push weed that has better margins for them over weed that is of higher quality. I suspect this is policy and not the individual making a choice for themselves, but it makes it hard for me to trust all recommendations.

In conclusion I reluctantly admit that this is pretty good weed. It has some small aesthetic issues, but if I rolled it into a joint next to like, The French Laundry from last week, it would be very difficult to tell the difference blind.

Strength : 8/10

Nice and strong. A little on the indica side; I’m comfortable but not incapacitated. Terdz makes you happy.

Taste : 8/10

Big diesel smell and decent pine / diesel taste. Nice and smooth. Terdz tastes good.

Appearance : 8/10

Not bad looking at all; these were well grown and cured buds and suffer a teeny bit from having fallen apart inside the bag and being a bit small. Terdz is a little ugly but you wouldn’t kick it out of bed.

Overall Score : 24/30

Terdz is much better than a dumb ripoff strain that you usually find in a dumb bag with candy branding. I cannot besmirch it in any way. I looked through the website of the grower for a while, and see that this is Runtz x Jet Fuel Gelato. So that explains the diesel tones in the smell and taste. I guess if you look at their site they are taking themse4lves and their strains more seriously and the packaging is kind of their gimmick. Still not clear to me if this is a real grower or a commercial branding venture, but I guess maybe they are legit and they just have stupid bags. I just want to smirch them. But I cannot besmirch.

As I stated initially – I remain conflicted. My rejection of this weed makes me feel snobby. And I come from a family of wine snobs and would hate to think I am developing that same insufferable sensibility about grass. On the other hand – it’s such a stupid bag, and there’s no terpene breakdown or any verbiage that kind of indicates what quality of grass it is. Then again – if you go to their website, they do grow award winning buds.

If I could rename this strain, I would call it Ambivalence. Ambivalence About Terdz