Product Review : Flower / Bud

Sour Girl by C.R.A.F.T.

Super wide terpene profile and a superb cheesiness in flavor and smell. This is super grass.
StrainSour Girl
Price Point$58 / 7g ($8.29 / gram)
Listed THC33.54%
Purchased03/04/23 from CRAFT

I have pretty much fuckin’ loved every strain I have ordered from this place and this one is no exception. Wide-ass terpene profile makes this a really interesting high. It’s definitely leaning sativa / energetic, but also there’s just a lot of complexity to the mental effects. It’s definitely on the daytime spectrum of weed, which is my favorite kind. This is an excellent candidate for a wake and bake or like a day at the park.

Fuck I don’t think I’ve actually gone and spent a day in the park since I was 7. But you know what I mean – pastoral shit. Outside time. Trees in the trees.

The deep and lovely cheese smell that you get when you grind this bud up comes through very clearly. It’s hard to explain that it’s a pleasure to smoke a fine cheese, but that’s what this bud is like. Like – something a little sharp but not overwhelming. A British cheddar variety, if you will. Okay for that comment I gotta go punch myself in the nuts. Be back shortly.

Strength : 9/10

While this is not the most knockout weed ever, it is super potent and interesting. Like – there’s a number of different kinds of high all happening at a nice level. It’s balanced and whatever. I may be doing it bad justice with the words, but this stands out against the other strains I have smoked from CRAFT for its nuance and complexity.

Taste : 9/10

Again – I never would have thought smoking cheese was a positive thing, but it just works in this context. I have often smoked “cheesier” smelling weed that was unpleasantly musty to taste, and I don’t think I’ve ever had one that came through this clearly on the inhale. Super weird. Like I do kinda want a grilled cheese. B

But I mean – doesn’t everyone kind of always want a grilled cheese?

How often do you think “Fuck grilled cheese!”?

Almost never, really.

Appearance : 9/10

Lovely, hairy buds. One of them was pretty ginormous. Obviously bagged weed gets a little more roughed up, but this was in great shape in consideration of that, and so very fresh and lovely. No shake and not any real stem to speak of. I got nothing bad to say about this weed all the way around.

Overall Score : 27/30

It’s crazy to me how much cheaper and consistently good the weed from CRAFT is compared to the branded grass you get at most of the dispensaries around here who don’t have the same business model. In the interest of keeping this blog interesting and various, I am likely going to take a break ordering from CRAFT for a few months, but as a consumer experience it is superior if limited.